Novo vodstvo itSMF International

Datum objave: Feb 24, 2014 10:15:20 PM

Dear Colleagues,


At the recent handover Board Meeting of the International Board of Management held in the UK Chapter Offices, the following Directors were elected to office for the 2014 year.

Chairman : Bartosz Górczyński

Vice Chairman : Alejandro Debenedet

Treasurer; Colin Rudd, and

Board Secretary:  Harold Petersen.

A teleconference was held on Thursday 13th February at which the announcement was made to the chapters present by Chairman Bartosz Gorczynski.

Directors Ulf Myrberg and John Deland were also present at the meeting.

The Board Meeting held in the UK Chapter offices was attended by all Directors.


The Directors undertook a strategic review of itSMF activities and as a result have produced a proposed, potential new itSMF Strategy document.  The main contents of this document are:

· A vision

· A mission and goals

· Five strategic priorities

· A set of workgroups and work streams for the implementation of the strategy

This proposed, potential itSMF Strategy document now needs to be reviewed and agreed by the chapters so that an annual budget can be produced, proposed and approved for 2014/2015.  The plans, groups and streams can then be developed with the Chapters, for the implementation of the agreed strategy.

It is proposed that each of the five strategic priorities will be made the responsibility of a work group to develop for adoption by the Chapters utilising the methodology and processes successfully used by the AXELOS Development work group in bringing that initiative successfully to the Chapters for approval and achieving its objectives. This will include having each working group develop a charter and timeline for its work for subsequent adoption by Chapters.

Each work group will report to the overall Governance Group of the itSMF and will have a representative of the Board as a member who will regularly report progress to the Board and the Chapters.

The Board has determined that all members of work groups will be required to sign NDA's and to abide by the Code of Ethics as published for members and Leaders and to that end all members of the Board signed fresh NDA's at their recent Board  Meeting.


The Board is also pleased to announce that Mathew Burrows has agreed to accept the role of Ethics Committee Chair replacing Robert Falkowitz who has resigned after serving several years in that role. We thank Robert for his invaluable work and service during his time in that role and welcome Matthew to this important role for itSMF.

The Board hope to be in contact shortly announcing further details of the Strategic Business Plan and inviting Chapters to nominate members for one of the work groups that will subsequently be created.


On behalf of the Board,

A.Bruce Harvey Company Secretary 

for and on behalf of Bartosz Górczyński

Chairman itSMF International Limited.